Brinx Deli 4.43

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149 High Street
Stanthorpe, QLD 4380

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Brinx Deli is a deli / cafe specializing in gourmet ingredients from here and far. With a large assortment of cheeses,cold meats,olives & antipasto as well as a huge range of local products made on the granite belt. Multi cultural & diverse Brinx has goodies ranging from
Italy,France,Spain, Germany, Dutch products and even from the USA !! To eat - meals from breakfast to lunch revolve around the deli. For example : The Shannon Special highlights Meredith Dairy Goats cheese feta with toasted sourdough and fresh tomato. . We also have a wide range of gf products which vary from pasta, pastry, biscuits & cakes to name a few. To Drink - Campos Coffee & mouthwatering T2 tea - we offer a wide range for retail. :)
Deli Platters available. Pop in & see Kristy (me), Rita (Kristy's mother dearest and friendly sidekick ) Vanessa, Megan, Kelsey, Morgan, The Jessica's, Lily & Anika :)