Froggie Shoes 4.6

439 West Street
Durban, 4001
South Africa

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Froggie Shoes Froggie Shoes is a well known place listed as Retail Company in Durban ,

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Engineered for comfort

Froggie draws on the knowledge of a team of design innovators, materials scientists, mould makers, information technology and podiatry (foot health) research to bring technology into engineering our shoes for your ultimate comfort. From cushioned soles to Flex Technology©, Froggie shoes are truly engineered to make them ultra comfortable to walk in.

Before our shoes reach you, the prototypes and models are fitted and worn by a fitting panel of size accurate ladies who are trained to assess every detail in comfort. New styles are submitted to wear trials that can last weeks, by experienced testers who report on every aspect of long term comfort. High levels of quality control ensure consistency in every shoe that reaches you.

Froggie makes a wide variety of styles to suit different foot types. Always bear in mind that your feet are highly individual, so you should always try on different styles to find the style that suits your feet best.