Easton Town Center 7.05

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160 Easton Town Ctr
Columbus, OH 43219
United States

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Easton Town Center Easton Town Center is a well known place listed as Shopping/retail in Columbus , Shopping District in Columbus ,

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Easton is known for both its quality of place and people. Located in Columbus, Ohio, it is both a premiere and eclectic mix of nearly 200 shopping, dining and entertainment venues. And because it serves as both an avid member and supporter of local community events and causes, it has organically evolved over the years to reflect the local pride, passion and diversity of people interests that is unique to central Ohio.

Whether you are local or just visiting, you will feel right at home.

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For Easton hours, events, sales & specials, maps and all other general information please visit: www.EastonTownCenter.com.