Ritual Gym 5.63

11 North Canal Road
Singapore, 048824

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Ritual Gym Ritual Gym is a well known place listed as Gym in Singapore , Health/beauty in Singapore ,

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Gyms are either too expensive or low-quality.
Personal Training is $80-100 per session, and
usually you have to pay for a gym membership,

At $80 per session, you might be paying
$700-$800 a month if you train twice per week.

Large group classes are affordable but there
isn’t enough focus on safety and quality.
Surely there’s a way to get the high-quality,
personalized experience of 1-on-1 training
while still getting the motivational benefits of
group training.

We’ve found that middle-ground. What you end
up with is an experience that surpasses what 1
trainer can do for a client. It’s private training
plus a team, a system and a culture of support
and accountability.