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History of Suleman Paras , Jhelum
صحابی رسولﷺحضرت سعید بن ابی وقاص رضی اللہ عنہ جو چین کے شہر کنٹن میں دفن ہیں ، تبلیغ اسلام کے سفرکے دوران جب جہلم سے گزرے تو اسی دوران پارسی مزہب کے ایک شخص نے آپ کے ہاتھ پر اسلام قبول کیا ، نو مسلم کا نام سلیمان رکھا گیا اور رفتہ رفتہ آپ سلیمان پارس کہلاے۔

History of District Jhelum
which it is also known as city of soldiers or land of martyrs and warriors
Jhelum is one of the oldest districts of Punjab. It was established on 23 March 1849.[14] Jhelum District has a diverse population of 1,103,000 (2006)[15] which mainly consists of Punjabis. The population of the Jhelum city (proper) is about 174,679(2010)[6] and it is the 35th largest city of Pakistan with respect to population. Population Density is 261/km. Population Growth Rate is 1.51[16] which is very low as compared to other urban areas of Pakistan. The majority of the population i.e. 98.47 percent is Muslim. Among the minorities Christians are in majority sharing 1.36 percent in the district. Punjabi is the dominant language (96.6 percent), while, other languages spoken in the district are Urdu (1.9 percent), Pushto (1.2 percent). Major clans are Awans, Akra[disambiguation needed], Bharat, Gakhars, Gujars, Janjua Rajputs, Jalaps, Jats (Cheema, Dhamial Jats, Gondal, Ghuman, Sipra, Nagyal, Thathal, Kashmiris, Khokhars, Lilla Tribe Qureshis, Phaphra Mughals), Rajputs (Bhakral, Bhatti, Chib, Minhas, Narma, Sohlan, etc.), Arain, Syed and Punjabi Shaikh. ( )
Literacy rate of Jhelum is among the highest in Pakistan. At 79%, it is only lower than that of Islamabad and neighbouring Rawalpindi.[17] Somewhat higher than the literacy in Punjab province (58 percent).[17] More History in Jhelum city page JHELUMFB ,The literacy rate has remarkably increased from 38.9 percent in 1981. The rate is much higher in urban area when compared with rural areas both for males and females. 84% of the population have electricity and 96% have the water facility.[18]Human Development Index of Jhelum is 0.770, which highest in Pakistan after Karachi.
Dams and barrage

Jhelum River near Bele BBQ
Water control structures are being built as a result of the Indus Basin Project, including the following:
Mangla Dam, completed in 1967, is one of the largest earthfill dams in the world, with a storage capacity of 5.9 million acre-feet (7.3 km³)
Rasul Barrage, constructed in 1967, has a maximum flow of 850,000 ft³/s (24,000 m³/s).
Trimmu Barrage, constructed in 1939 some 90 km from Mari Shah Sakhira town, at the confluence with the Chenab, has maximum discharge capacity of 645,000 ft³/s (18,000 m³/s).
Harahpur (Victoria Bridge) Constructed in 1933 Approximate 5 km from malakwal near Chak nizam Village. Its length is 1 km mainly used by Pakistan Railways but there is a passage for light vehicle (motor cycle, cycle and by boot at both side