Cadet College Jhang 6.21

2-B Civil Lines,Jhang Sadar
Jhang Sadar, 35200

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Cadet College Jhang Cadet College Jhang is a well known place listed as Education in Jhang Sadar ,

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There are so many inconsistencies in the world view that we believe in as Muslims, and the education and training that our schools impart. We need an education system that is in harmony with our faith and our social values. As much as we need knowledge and skills to develop, progress and excel in the comity of nations, we need to reclaim the lost pride that once was the hallmark of the Muslim civilization. Our next generation needs to be confident and proud of their heritage and value system. We need to raise a next generation that is committed to their faith, who are modern and contemporary in their outlook, who are fully capable of not only conducting their lives in any social circumstance, but also capable of transforming it. They might become doctors, engineers, lawyers and businessmen, but most of all they will be dignified and decent human beings. A human being, who is well aware of the purpose of his existence in this universe, and possesses a sense of accountability towards his creator. Cadet College Jhang is not just a school; it is an education system with an altogether new scientific approach. We have set definite quantifiable goals and targets for ourselves to continuously evaluate and review the quality of teaching on one hand, and that of students’ learning on the other. We believe that human learning is an eternal process and will continuously learn and evolve our programs. We are confident that Cadet College Jhang will provide a nurturing environment for young scholars to achieve their maximum potential.
We bow our heads before Allah Almighty without whose blessings, nothing is possible. We owe our gratitude to parents whose unconditional Co-operation made the goal easy to be achieved. We promise those parents whose ward / child is getting admission now that we will not leave any stone unturned in making a huge task a complete success.

With Warm Regards,

Suhaib Farooq
Lieutenant Commander (R)
Pakistan Naval Aviator
Sitara-e-Esar (Military)
CEO Cadet College Jhang


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