Kaligrafi Indonesia 4.79

Jl. Pasar Sore No.50 Demangan Jepara
Jepara, 52422

About Kaligrafi Indonesia

Kaligrafi Indonesia Kaligrafi Indonesia is a well known place listed as Art Gallery in Jepara ,

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We are Kaligrafi ukir, supply Calligraphy wood Carving. Our Products are Kaligrafi Allah Muhammad, Kaligrafi ayat Kursi, kaligrafi Asmaul husna, Kaligrafi ayat 1000 dinar, Kaligrafi Alfatihah, Al ikhlas, An Nas, Al Falaq and more Alquran Calligraphy wood Carving. etc.

Marketing Office:
Jl. Karanganyar Ds. Karanganyar No.41 RT:01/02
Kec. Dukuhturi Kab. Tegal 52192

Jl. Pasar Sore No.50 Demangan RT:07/02 Jepara 59422
Mobile: +6285226419624

How to Order Wood Carving Calligraphy:
1. Please Open the Albums Wood Calligraphy at http://www.facebook.com/kaligrafiukir?sk=photos_albums
2. Check Stock and prices by inbox or YM / email (info@jeparagallery.com) or mobile +
3. Payments to Bank Account:
BNI : 0183679795. a/n. NURUL MUSTAFIT
BCA : 2471628478. a/n. NURUL MUSTAFIT
Mandiri : 9000004559283. a/n. NURUL MUSTAFIT

4. When Calligraphy Carving is not available, it must be made in advance about 3 weeks or so, with deposit about 50% from prices.
5. Calligraphy Carving for deposits that have been in before, but canceled or, Calligraphy Carving already so after we tell and do not pay off the deposit can not be withdrawn.

Feel Free to contact Us to know more ...
Thank you.


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