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Neo Permata B-55, Bintaro Jaya Sektor 9
Tangerang, 15227

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Desain Grafis Indonesia Desain Grafis Indonesia is a well known place listed as Community Organization in Tangerang , Graphic Design in Tangerang ,

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DGI (Desain Grafis Indonesia - Indonesian Graphic Design) is a collaborative organization focusing on the development of Indonesian graphic design by way of recording history, archiving artifacts, publishing knowledge, expanding discourse, granting awards, and other activities. Starting out as a hobby in record and collection, DGI now acts as a data center, studies, and media on Indonesian graphic design.

DGI was founded on March 13, 2007 by a senior graphic designer, Hanny Kardinata. DGI has a passion in fostering understanding and mutual respect between Indonesian graphic designers in its junction with art, design, culture, and society. This understanding is mediated by publications, archives, research, and discussions on the site, and hopefully can serve as a guideline for young Indonesian graphic designer in navigating its historical presedent.

In line with this spirit, DGI aspires to establish Indonesian Graphic Design Museum (Museum Desain Grafis Indonesia - MDGI) to support graphic design’s learning and development process by preserving a comprehensive archive of Indonesian graphic design pieces.