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Did you know three out of four children have malocclusion and it can be evident from as young as three-years-old?

Demand for pre-orthodontic intervention continues to increase and Myofunctional Research Co. (MRC) is the world leader in creating innovative myofunctional systems to treat children of all ages with evidence of developing malocclusion or incorrectly developing jaws.

During the past 25 years, based on extensive research, MRC has developed a series of innovative intra-oral appliance systems designed to treat causes of malocclusion and TMJ disorder. Suitable for children of all ages and ideal for pre-orthodontic treatment, these appliance systems are simple to use, easy to deliver and cost effective for doctors as well as patients.

MRC recognizes that changing the oral environment by altering poor myofunctional habits causing malocclusion results in naturally aligned teeth and correctly developed jaws without braces or extractions. The well-established Trainer as well as the advanced Myobrace® appliance systems incorporate a clear and precise approach to treatment planning and appliance selection which allows a wider range of growing children with malocclusion to be treated.

In order to learn more about the treatment systems, MRC offers training courses where dental professionals can learn an efficient and profitable approach to implementing pre-orthodontic treatment methods into their practice. Dental professionals interested in making The Myobrace SystemT an integral part of their practice can also become part of the Myobrace Certified ProviderT Program, which provides access to additional training, priority support, patient educational programs and practice layout design.

Contact an MRC representative via telephone or email to find more information regarding MRC's advanced appliance systems and how to implement myofunctional orthodontics into the practice.