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112/118 Mooney street Gulliver.
Townsville, QLD 4812

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Bodyworks Emmett Therapy - Townsville Bodyworks Emmett Therapy - Townsville is a well known place listed as Health/medical/pharmacy in Townsville , Alternative & Holistic Health in Townsville ,

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The Emmett technique is a unique non-invasive Australian body therapy .It offers an alternative treatment to ease pain and discomfort and may benefit many other conditions. The treatment can be done fully clothed, sitting, standing or laying down. Emmett incorporates a gentle physical release of muscle groups whilst using a verbal approach to create attitude change. The technique involves light finger pressure at specific points and in sequences that enables the gentle physical release of muscle groups. Non-invasive beneficial to all age groups.
It is with this understanding that the Emmett Technique influences the most complex system known – the human body. Working within this principle the Emmett Technique is able to affect two types of receptors, sensory and muscular, which may also activate an emotional state. These are overlapped together at specific junctions where each one can and will influence the other. The therapist is compared to a body electrician who has the power to locate these overlaps or re-set buttons. The muscle that has tripped out due to overuse or overload may only need a light pressure to re-set.


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